Yoga helped me concentrate on the test a lot. The one that really helped me concentrate was tree pose.

- Tamira, Grade 3

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Effectively manage student energy during recess with Pass the Cool Clap

Question: “How do I effectively manage student energy during recess, PE or transition time?

Answer: What a great questions. Recess is as much about classroom management as it is about content. Being an effective recess facilitator or coach is not about the number of games you have at your disposal. Rather, it's about knowing how to manage the space. That's why I love the SEL and wellness activity Pass The Cool Clap. It's one of my favorite ways to proactively use high energy students during indoor recess. The best thing about this activity is that it can be used all year long by simply introducing modifications to the activity.

If you already have a copy of my wellness and classroom management guide, Cooling Down Your Classroom, turn to page 50. If you don't own a copy, you can download a PDF version of the Pass the Cool Clap lesson plan here.


After you have read through the lesson plan, watch this video where I demonstrate how to implement Pass the Cool Clap.

For more wellness classroom management tips and techniques, pick up a copy of Mindful Practices' book Cooling Down Your Classroom. The easy-to-implement book provides proven yoga and wellness strategies to improve classroom management and academic achievement including the yoga poses and techniques used here in this teacher tip!

- Teacher Tip Provided By: Carla Tantillo, founder of Mindful Practices


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